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The Universal Reading Method™ is a successful and radical approach to reading that produces dramatic results after only two hours of instruction. This online course was designed, by Doug Collins, a once Non-reader, to bring the joy of reading to learners of all ages who may face daily challenges in the reading, speaking, and comprehending the printed English word.

This system helps: children, teenagers, adults, people with learning disabilities, strokes and dyslexia.

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Over 90 million adults in the United States are reading at a 4th Grade Reading Level.

Over half of the students exiting high school, including students who are graduating, are reading at a 7th grade level!

To date, thousands of Learners have been transformed, individually and in classes, with the Universal Reading Method™. Enjoy experiencing with us, how our Learners have benefited from our method, as seen in our testimonials of our Evidenced Based instruction. We are excited to transform you or your challenged reader.

Fact 1 : 90% of the inmates in Juvenile Detention are challenged with reading.

Fact 2 : 70% of the inmates in Prison are Challenged With Reading and is one of the reasons they return to prison after being released.

Fact 3 : Learning to Read properly increases the ability for a student to qualify to enter either a Community College or 4 year University and increases their chances of earning a degree and experiencing a higher level of living.

Fact 4 : Learning to Read English is a great advantage in Life, no matter who you are!

The Universal Reading Method™ is so effective it has helped students learn to read, who struggle with the following:

Let the RESULTS speak for themselves!

The following test results are examples of the impact one session of the Universal Reading Method had on an ESL Class.

Pre and Post Tested Students :

In this testing example twenty (20) students (all immigrants) in an ESL (English as a Second Language) class were pre-tested; taught the 7 Concepts in the Universal Reading Method in 2 1/2 hour; and then post-tested a week later.

  • Test: The Universal Reading Method
  • Location: Palomar College
  • Class: English as a second language
  • Teacher: Present at all times
  • Teaching: Two and a half hours
  • Number: 20 students: Mexican and Vietnamese, males and females

In this small classroom of 20 students, the Universal Reading method provided the following reading advancement for foreign students!

The Universal Reading Method™ provides a strong reading foundation for those people attempting to achieve Citizenship!

See What Other Learners Have To Say…

I was very suspicious when I first heard about the Universal Reading Method since many teachers, using many different reading methods, had tried to teach me and I had failed. In my efforts to build up my confidence to try one last time to learn how to read, I sent my son Randall, who was also dyslexic and had taken ten years to complete college, to San Diego to meet Craig Collins and let him attempt to teach him how to read. After Randall learned within less than two hours how to read and reported to me his amazement of being able to finally read multi-syllable words and legal documents with ease, I decided then, possibly, I could too. 

Michelle Pucket

After pre-testing my niece and determining she was reading at a 3rd grade level, with difficulty reading, even mono-syllable words, Craig taught my niece the Universal Reading Method™ in less than 2 1/2 hours and then I watched her read 300+ multi-syllable words and score in the post high school reading level. It brought tears to my eyes. My niece is twelve and entering the sixth grade.
Robin Perna MA Reading Specialist
I'm in the school system. I see what happens to students who are struggling readers. I also see low level readers remain that way even after years of the ``evidence-based`` programs. What is need is a new approach. What is needed is the URM! I, in all my years as an educator, have never seen such a concise, logical way of going about the improvement of reading skills in such a short amount of time. Im so proud to be a part of this.
John Soriano High School Educator, Orlando, FL