“No other program provides the same results in as short a time span.”

– Robin Prerna


There are alternative reading methods currently being taught to ‘challenged-readers’ and others; however they teach phonemes and disjointed and disassociated facts requiring extensive memorization.

Many of the current methods are multi-program courses that can cost thousands of dollars and take years to complete. In contrast, the Universal Reading Method™ teaches just six (6) concepts and 300+ facts without memorization in just one hour and the exceptions to those six (6) concepts in the second hour.

Robin Perna (now a member of our Advisory Team) used the Universal Reading Method™ as the subject for her Master’s thesis. In her thesis Robin concluded that no other reading program:

  • provides the same results, in as short a time-span, and at our targeted price point;
  • claims to or does teach challenged readers how to read and how to pronounce all of the sounds in the English language; or,
  • provides immediate improvements in their comprehension and self-esteem.